eProcurement Integration for Buyers & Sellers

eProcurement Integration for Buyers & Sellers

eCommerce/ERP Integration for eProcurement

eCommerce/ERP Integration for eProcurement

Procurys Integrated Supply Chain

Procurys Integrated Supply Chain

How we are different

The Procurys solutions strips away integration complexity.

Procurys helps companies take ownership of and grow within the eProcurement channel. We do this by providing key services to accelerate enablement, control and growth.

achieve long term results

Procurys cXML Integration

Buyer clicks vendor's “Punchout” logo. Punchout request is sent to Seller. Seller’s punchout system creates Punchout session, signs in Buyer and redirects Buyer to eCommerce site.

Buyer browses the store directly, adding items to cart as needed.

Buyer clicks “Transmit" transferring cart contents to Punchout system. System assembles cXML “POOM” which is posted to procurement system, completing the process.

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Digital Enterprise

Punchout, PO, INV and more for Sellers and Buyers

Bridge the digital strategy gap in eProcurement.  Make the information you exchange actionable and effective, not just compliant.

  1. Engage data with apps you already pay for
  2. Don't get tied to a closed off partner
  3. Avoid GDPR pitfalls offered by smaller clouds
  4. Designed for teams who want to work with digital, api-based, open technologies.

Leverage the Cloud you're company has invested in and start growing.

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