Procurys Supply Chain Integration

Procurys Supply Chain Integration

How we are different

We strip away integration complexity and accelerate projects.

Procurys gets you to market faster, while stripping away the cost and complexity of B2B data integration.

achieve long term results

Procurys cXML Integration

  1. Procurys is a cloud-based SaaS, brokerage service model. RESTful APIs built on serverless, micro services. Use whichever eCommerce system you're currently running.
  2. RESTful [cXML] interconnects
  3. Speed = +524 messages/second. (Auto-scale available)
  4. Azure Active Directory provides end-to-end protection (User & endpoints)
  5. Can be tokenized, placed in HIPAA or PCI compliant resources (Optional).

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Digital Enterprise

Engage Your Supply Chain

We are in the business of helping customers succeed. One way we do this way is enabling clients to 'see the event' and take action. We provide digital process management.

A perfect scenario... say a punchout just took place and the client's basket has a high value or a new product.  Maybe the account manager needs a reason to connect with the the customer.  Based on configurable rules we can:

  1. Notify sales based on Geo, $-value, Item or any number of other criteria.  Give your account managers a good reason to say 'Hi'.
  2. E-mail an incentive or key product information automatically.
  3. Record everything in your CRM
  4. Share metrics based on desired team behaviors
  5. +250 conectors to the most common apps

The digital enterprise must be agile and respond quickly to clients.  If integration with clients is strategic for your company, Procurys is here to accelerate your momentum.

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Digital Enterprise

Punchout, PO, INV and more for Sellers and Buyers

Bridge the digital strategy gap in eProcurement.  Make the information you exchange actionable and effective, not just compliant.

  1. Engage data with apps you already pay for
  2. Don't get tied to a closed off partner
  3. Avoid GDPR pitfalls offered by smaller clouds
  4. Designed for teams who want to work with digital, api-based, open technologies.

Leverage Procurys and the Cloud you're company has invested in and start growing.

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